The Humming Bird and the Honey Bee

On either side of a sunny spot where a flower garden grows, live a humming bird and a honey bee. You could say they’re neighbors. Not the neighbor right next door but a neighbor two streets up.

The humming bird and the honey bee love their nectar so several times a day, they visit the garden where the flowers grow to see what’s new in bloom.

On this particular day they where startled to find themselves cheek to beak, admiring the very same flower. They just smiled and laughed, and with a warm ado they hummed and buzzed away.

Though they didn’t know each other well, it is always good to see them.

8 Replies to “The Humming Bird and the Honey Bee”

  1. I just switch to the “Samsung Internet” option for this. Sure hope it means I’ll get notifications of your posts. I keep missing out!!

  2. Michael
    Your poems are truly lovely and I agree with one of Michele’s previous comments, they do cause a visceral response.
    Thank you

  3. This got me humming and buzzing about. What a relief from all of the disturbing current news. Were we all so civilized. Beautiful!!!

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