1st Amendment

I do not use Twitter at all. Does this mean my First amendment rights are being violated?

I, like Senator Hawley, do not have a book deal with Simon & Schuster. Is my right to free speech being thwarted?

If you publish a newspaper to expound on your ignorance, you are protected by the full force of the United States. That fact that you can not find advertisers or fill subscriptions does not mean your rights are being suppressed.

Do not confuse disagreement with suppression. I know that you want to be heard, and we do hear you, loud and clear. We do not think you are a liar. We think that you are stupid. In addition to this, we now know that you are dangerous too.

If you say something stupid and someone punches you in the nose. And you say something stupid again, and again you are punched in the nose. And then again and another punch. Your attacker is guilty of multiple assaults. You are an idiot. No First Amendment violations.

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