It is often reported like some pathetic punchline, with the passing of some once great man, who’s glory is well behind him that he “died pennyless”.

I say, since you can take nothing with you, it’s best to leave nothing behind.

Best to leave this world with an empty purse, but with a full heart overflowing.

May we, might we, take this with us when we die? It seems like this is the way it ought to be.

Prickles McQuill

Meet Prickles McQuill

Prickles is happy
and has friends.

But he doesn’t have many friends
and he is not very very happy.

Because when he is happy
When he is very very happy
he gets prickly
Very very prickly.

And no one will hug him
or push him on the swing.

By One

Until the final score is tallied, this most engaging run.

In the game of Joy and Sorrows,  joy always wins by one.