For Those Who Have Nothing

When you can see the horizon
it’s easy to expand

But when you’re buried past your eyeballs
You just can’t understand

For those who have nothing
there’s still something you can do

To start down a new path
learn something new

What’s Important

It is not
That the earth shook
and a mountain shattered

It is not
The blooming bud
or immanent sorrows

It is
That someone
saw it happen

The Back Door Screen

The hinges and spring
in chourus sing
With every squeak and skrong
they sing this song
A melody of memories
of all who happened through

Each charge of children
Every covered caserole
And friends who came to call

Every sneaking out early
Every creeping in late
A bundle of joy carried in
An empty vessle carried out

Every slamming marks a moment
Where everything changed
Everything changes
And the screen sings no more

The Plien Air Painter

The moment of now
brief beyond discretion
Between a memory
and an anticipation

The Artist stretches
a second into a stroke
The first brush
hours before the last
A signature says
“I saw this”

And the moment now
realizes itself
Between a memory
and an anticipation