Life is Like a Picture

Life is like a picture, of travelers on a track, standing in a sunny spot within their present travail. With crevasse and spans so vast, the weather forms, and far beyond the storms, as far as one can see, a mountain shines. Lit by one same sun. The That which they are moving towards.

And so my friends, it’s plain to see, if you keep to the sunny spot within your every travail, and always remember, the That which you are moving towards, your life will always be, as pretty as a picture.

To Know a Place

I have found to truly know a place, one must spend enough time there, to take a nap, or make a painting.

Time enough for the creatures there to call you Brother. Time enough that distance dissappears.

Alliteration on Art

I have often pondered the purpose of producing art. The paint, the process, or the picture? I thought perhaps if I could perceive, which of these was most important to the perfection of a painting, it might help in my pursuit of improvement.

I found the question to be persistently perplexing and had given up asking when it occurred to me that there must be something more.

The paint, the process and the picture, are all important parts, but there is something more that makes it art. And that is play and presence.

Thank you for your patience and if you please I offer this, Art can not be made at all. Art is the result of something else altogether.

I now proclaim and present myself to be, artist en plien presence.

Artist in full presence.

Yours in Play,

Michael Rastovich