Original Grace

Its not me. I am as unpleasant as ive ever been. There is someone who is that sweet. A little one who still dances in the gardens of original grace. I am at the gate.

Wild Wonder

A single ray of sun, lights the tether, of an unseen spider web.

As if to show, there’s more to know, in this world of wild wonder.

Polly Possum’s Purse

Polly Possum got a new purse. It was the first she ever had. She takes it with her where ever she goes, even though, she dosen’t know, what to put inside it.

She holds it high for all to see but every day she holds it a little bit lower, because it seems to be a little heavier than it was the day before, and if her eyes do not deceive her, a little bigger too.

Until today, as she was setting off, she found she could no longer lift it.

“Well this will never do.” She thought, then thought how she might fix it. Perhaps perhaps, if she looked inside, maybe she could see a solution.

As she pulled the purse open, she began a counting.

“One, two, three, four, five, and six, no seven, oh eight.”

“Eight shinny pink noses”
“Eight terrific pink tails”
“Eight sets of innocent eyes, blinking back a me.”

It took her breath away, and before she could draw it back, all eight had climbed on out, and clamored up, to her head for hugs and kisses.

Polly Possum still has that purse, and now she knows, what needs to go inside it. Rattles and snacks and something soft, to wipe the tears and noses, of eight perfect, precious, joyful joeys.

The Humming Bird and the Honey Bee

On either side of a sunny spot where a flower garden grows, live a humming bird and a honey bee. You could say they’re neighbors. Not the neighbor right next door but a neighbor two streets up.

The humming bird and the honey bee love their nectar so several times a day, they visit the garden where the flowers grow to see what’s new in bloom.

On this particular day they where startled to find themselves cheek to beak, admiring the very same flower. They just smiled and laughed, and with a warm ado they hummed and buzzed away.

Though they didn’t know each other well, it is always good to see them.

The Empty

The vast only shows her back

The empty always faced away

We can never ever reach her

Her face we’ll never see

Yet she does allow us

All the space we need to be


Locks and latches
and secret doors

Thrill and desire
forgotten in a drawer

Locks and latches
and secret doors