If you will lay down your shield
and submit to me your sword
I will arm you and shield you from harm

Every Single Thing

All the things
that we can think of
and the thousand more
that we cannot
are each but a single thing

The best that we can ever do
is bruise or bless
the space around us.


Darkness is not the time to close your eyes

Darkness is the time to open wide

For it is within the darkness

where the un-see-able is seen

The Travelers Conversation

She asked him, “Where you headed”
He said, “Same as you”

We’re all going to our graves my dear
I’m taking the long way there

Me, I came up the hard road, she said
got here quick as I could

Then asked him if he would mind it much
if she kindly tagged along

Well my way is a tangle, he said
and I stop a lot to tend to knots
but it’s not my road to tell

Till then, he said, and tipped his hat
and bid her, fair thee well