Picture Like a Picture Book

A picture, like a picture book, whose pages number one.

If you could turn the page, you would see, what would happen next.

What happens next, is what’s happened since, you looked at this picture last.

The Siren’s Cry

You may think of taxes owed, of union dues, and a careless lot that deserves what it got.

When I hear the sirens cry, I think of this:

Strangers rushing care for strangers. And a community who cares enough to keep a few, always at the ready.

Before you curse the traffic light, bless the road you’re on.

And you will find, your gratitudes, are bursting at the gates.

From the Now Into Forever

The rush of confusion, to realize the That, which you do not understand.

To see the vast, that can not be fathomed.

It is a falling, from the now, into forever.

A point of light, into the pale of darkness.

The complete embrace, of absolutely nothing.


With Empty Sails

We think that we are in the flow, but are simply set adrift.

We think that we have found some peace, but are simply resigned to endure the doldrums.

“What use a sail, without the breeze to fill it.” I cried.

And God spoke, “With a notion comes a mighty wind.”

“Oh Lord, how can I, think of things unknown?” I begged.

God offers, “Simply think of me.”