All Eyes Opened

For a thousand years they slept.

Now and at once, all eyes opened.

Bewildered and afraid, as things had changed some in the night.

And a thousand years of dreaming, now fade into the light.

Divine Madness

If you did the same thing, over and over again, and every time you did it, you did it a little bit better. What would become of it?

The Stand

Today you come to this place by a road, a paved road mind you, with a proper sign that reads, Rastovich Road.

A hundred years ago you would have come to this place by a fresh trail not yet set. The only way you could even tell where you were was by how far you had come, and it wasn’t until folks got around to putting up their barns that you could distinguish one place from another. This was just a place, same as any other.

What makes this place sacred to us is, this is the place where they ceased their wandering. This place, sitting here at the crossroads of bad luck and bad weather, is where our George and Anna stopped and took a stand.

Had it been another pilgrim, had it been any other lesser fool, this place would have bent them, broke them and brought them to their knees. But not a Rastovich. Every hardship, every struggle, only served to straighten the spine of a Rastovich.

To this day you can recognize a Rastovich in a crowd by the way they stand. I see it in all my cousins, my sisters, and my own son. If you remember those we loved, those we never got to know and those we sorely miss, you will see it in them. The way they stand.

A Rastovich stands taller than they are. But they are not standing proud. A Rastovich looks at all men from a level gaze and have come to understand, there are no triumphs. Life is not a prize, earned or denied. All we have, all that there is, is the task at hand.

A Rastovich stands with still and stoic grace. Above all else, a Rastovich stands ready.  Ready for whatever task is at hand.

It’s impossible really, to separate this place from its people but if I had to choose – I would say, it’s not this place; it is the people who were forged here.

I am reminded of one of the last things I heard Grandpa say. A bunch of us where gathered at the farm. Rastovichs, Barnums, Chopps and Blairs. Lunching on leftovers from the reception the night before and enjoying the easy way they had with conversation.

Grandpa sat quietly at the head of that timeless table. Behind him a photo of his wedding day and a painted glass souvenir of the Statue of Liberty. (How that survived the journey I’ll never know.)

Now this is a hard place and it makes for hard men but by this time most the thorns had rubbed off and the rough spots worn smooth. Suddenly, with tears in his eyes and with arms outstretched as if to embrace us all, Grandpa spoke.

“Sve moje ljude” he said.

Now whenever Grandpa spoke, and whichever language he was speaking, I never understood a word he said, so I asked my Dad. What did he say?

“Sve moje ljude” he said, “All my people.”

Wherever Grandpa is standing now, know that he is standing proud and that he dearly loves all his people

Original Grace

Its not me. I am as unpleasant as ive ever been. There is someone who is that sweet. A little one who still dances in the gardens of original grace. I am at the gate.

Wild Wonder

A single ray of sun, lights the tether, of an unseen spider web.

As if to show, there’s more to know, in this world of wild wonder.

Polly Possum’s Purse

Polly Possum got a new purse. It was the first she ever had. She takes it with her where ever she goes, even though, she dosen’t know, what to put inside it.

She holds it high for all to see but every day she holds it a little bit lower, because it seems to be a little heavier than it was the day before, and if her eyes do not deceive her, a little bigger too.

Until today, as she was setting off, she found she could no longer lift it.

“Well this will never do.” She thought, then thought how she might fix it. Perhaps perhaps, if she looked inside, maybe she could see a solution.

As she pulled the purse open, she began a counting.

“One, two, three, four, five, and six, no seven, oh eight.”

“Eight shinny pink noses”
“Eight terrific pink tails”
“Eight sets of innocent eyes, blinking back a me.”

It took her breath away, and before she could draw it back, all eight had climbed on out, and clamored up, to her head for hugs and kisses.

Polly Possum still has that purse, and now she knows, what needs to go inside it. Rattles and snacks and something soft, to wipe the tears and noses, of eight perfect, precious, joyful joeys.

The Humming Bird and the Honey Bee

On either side of a sunny spot where a flower garden grows, live a humming bird and a honey bee. You could say they’re neighbors. Not the neighbor right next door but a neighbor two streets up.

The humming bird and the honey bee love their nectar so several times a day, they visit the garden where the flowers grow to see what’s new in bloom.

On this particular day they where startled to find themselves cheek to beak, admiring the very same flower. They just smiled and laughed, and with a warm ado they hummed and buzzed away.

Though they didn’t know each other well, it is always good to see them.

The Empty

The vast only shows her back

The empty always faced away

We can never ever reach her

Her face we’ll never see

Yet she does allow us

All the space we need to be


Locks and latches
and secret doors

Thrill and desire
forgotten in a drawer

Locks and latches
and secret doors