With Empty Sails

We think that we are in the flow, but are simply set adrift.

We think that we have found some peace, but are simply resigned to endure the doldrums.

“What use a sail, without the breeze to fill it.” I cried.

And God spoke, “With a notion comes a mighty wind.”

“Oh Lord, how can I, think of things unknown?” I begged.

God offers, “Simply think of me.”

People Say

People ask me what I do all day.

I sit quietly,  and I weep, is my reply.

So sad, they guess.

Yes – a bit of that. But mostly I am still, to think of things that move me.

And when I’ve moved myself to tears I know, I’ve rubbed up against some truth.

You have so much potential, they say.

I say, and patience too.

For me, you see, the yet is best to come.