The Rastovich Family Farm

Every hardship becomes more humorous
with it’s every re-telling.

Every joy becomes a longing
for one such moment more.

Every heart break remains a heart ache,
forever bitter sweet.

5 Replies to “The Rastovich Family Farm”

  1. Yes and yes again.
    Blissfully stranded here for days feeling my bones settle into this place I love.
    Thank you

  2. Sitting in the sun in the grass next to the cistern
    Birds I know but don’t recall their names hop branches in mating dance, others call in the distance.
    My bones know this place, this place knows my bones, my footsteps, my ancestry.
    Tears flow for family here and those gone. Grief-weary I am held, comforted, glad of this moment and to have place in this story.

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