A Meditation

Listen to this story. A tale of a tree, that lives on an island, in the vast empty sea.

The island had risen to meet the tree, and the tree held the island fast above the waves.

The sea loves the island. The sea loves the tree.

The tree has lived with island for a thousand years. But alas, tree’s life is at end.

The tree, with its very last light, brought forth to its branches a thousand seeds. Then tree and island, slipped back into the sea. Leaving only the seeds, in the shape of a tree, now spreading away on the breeze.

The sea loves the breeze. The sea loves the seeds.

So the sea made itself, quiet and still, until its surface became as untoubled as a mirror.

The seeds now see their own light, reflected by the sea, and see, that they are seen, and see that they are loved.

The seeds come to know the what that is needed, and wake to the dream of their true desire. They speak the dream into the deep, and they are grateful.

The sea hears their wishes and goes to prepare for them a place. A place to touch down. A place to take hold.

And the sea is grateful.

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